Budget Requirements

ASPIRE would be supported by a yearly grant borne by the DST. The grant that ASPIRE would receive, would be used primarily for:

  1. Carrying out primary and secondary policy research
  2. Conducting seminars, conferences etc. and carrying out case studies with the specific aim of feeding into policy advocacy and research
  3. Meeting the salaries of project-tied research-support and administrative staff
  4. Travel and local conveyance
  5. Meeting the costs of any specific tool, software etc. of exclusive use to ASPIRE
  6. Conducting stakeholder consultations and workshops with the specific aim of feeding into policy
  7. Availing the services of domain experts on need basis
  8. Purchasing computers, printers, office furniture, photo-copying machines, etc.
  9. Meeting the expenses of consumables like office stationery, printer cartridges, etc.
  10. Communication expenses
  11. Purchasing/subscribing to books, journals and other e-resources as needed for the purpose of carrying out good quality policy research
  12. Designing and maintaining a dedicated web site for ASPIRE
  13. Meeting contingencies and miscellaneous expenses


The DST, as the nodal agency supporting the initiative, would arrange for physical infrastructure (building with necessary utilities) for ASPIRE to function in Hyderabad. Initially, ASCI shall endeavor to provide necessary space or alternatively hire a building to house the activities. In case ASCI dedicates (to start with) any or a portion of its existing facilities to ASPIRE, the same would be duly provided for, in the financial support allocated to ASPIRE.

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