The Indian economy has undergone a structural change over the last decade, and technology aided by qualified manpower resources has played an important role in bringing about this transformation.

It is also clear that India is increasingly integrating itself with the world economy to become globally competitive, as demonstrated by its increasing share in world exports. To sustain this trend, the government is consciously bringing in Science, Innovation and Technology (SIT) to the centre stage and integrating it with the developmental agenda of the nation.

ASPIRE is a specialized entity conceived & conceptualized by the DST, Gol

  • To play a pivotal & catalytic role in synergizing socio-economic goals and S&T interventions
  • To devise policies and implementation strategies for the generation, development and application of scientific knowledge to societal well-being.

A conscious attempt to:
  • Relate S&T to the societal context with focus on balanced development and inclusive growth
  • Strengthen and sustain the efforts of the Government to integrate Science, Technology and Innovation with the development-agenda of the nation
  • Catalyze dovetailing of the work programmes and delivery mechanisms of the socio-economic ministries with those of the S&T ministries.

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