Outputs & Outcomes


  • Knowledge-inputs, informed advice, evidence-based findings and objective recommendations on innovative mechanisms and best practices
  • Policy-advocacy, advisory-support and implementation-assistance services
  • Inclusive S&T strategies and implementable plans
  • Capacity building initiatives
  • Focused research studies, working papers and monographs to feed into the policy framework
  • Draft policies, Bills (legislation) etc.


  • Greater appreciation of the challenges in knowledge-generation, technology-development and implementation among the policy planners
  • Greater recognition of the socio-economic priorities and policy imperatives among the S&T community
  • Strategic and synergetic endeavour among ministries on common agenda and joint work programmes
  • Improved socio-economic performance and long-term effectiveness
  • S&T ministries identifying and nurturing scientific manpower endowed with policy perspectives
  • S&T manpower teaming with policy planners and administrators in jointly addressing issues of topical interest and emerging concern to the nation
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